Pease Capital Advisors was founded by David Pease on an idea to provide a custom tailored buy-side service. Prior to founding PCA, David Pease and his father, Joe Pease, were in the process of looking for a business to buy. After meeting with a few investment banks in town and several months passing with few fruitful leads that matched their criteria, David and Joe tossed around the idea of creating a buy-side M&A advisory service that catered to the unique needs of each buyer.

David Pease began officially offering a buy-side M&A advisory service as a part of Pease Acquisition Advisors. By recognizing that each buyer’s needs and objectives are different, PAA set itself apart from its competitors. In 2020 with the addition of sell-side advisory services, PAA has rebranded to Pease Capital Advisors. With a flexible service offering and fee structure, PCA strives to be a partner to its clients. PCA will continue to provide the unique and tailored approach to its expanded service offerings. With exceptional execution, PCA has full confidence that its service will exceed expectations.